Introducing ‘Tax Discourse’ -with Vi-M Professional Solutions

Back in 2015, our firm, Vi-M Professional Solutions, was engaged by the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) to help Nigerian taxpayers understand tax through weekly tax technical publications in the Guardian Newspapers themed ‘Tax Discourse’.

Tax Discourse (with the FIRS) was a platform designed to enable Nigerian taxpayers and the FIRS share knowledge and pain points about tax and better understand each other. It ended in 2016.

On this first day of the brand new month of February 2021 however, we are very happy to let you know about our brand new initiative:

‘Tax Discourse’, with Vi-M Professional Solutions (solely run by Vi-M, this time).

Tax discourse is a platform through which we, at Vi-M Professional Solutions, can make personalised and professional tax advisory accessible and very affordable to every Nigerian taxpayer.

An initiative, which we hope will enable us support the everyday Nigerian taxpayer with strategic insights and knowledge (on an one-going basis) on how to better navigate any tax challenge.

‘Tax Discourse’, with Vi-M Professional Solutions is offered in 2 ways:

First is ‘Tax Discourse Webinars’:

  • A four to six hours tax advisory webinar session (to be held periodically)
  • Where participants with tax issues, concerns or enquiries can unburden themselves (anonymously) and get personalised advice/guidance from our expert tax advisors
  • Participants will also build tax knowledge from solutions proffered to others
  • Followed by free 10-minute, one-on-one clinic sessions per participant requiring further clarifications
  • Debut session will hold on Wednesday, 17 February 2021, from 8.00am to 12.00noon.
  • All at an affordable fee of N5,000 per participant, per session

And the second is ‘Tax Discourse (On-Demand)’:

  • Which is on-going private tax advisory chat sessions, to be held on-demand, for every taxpayer in Nigeria in need of tax advice or guidance
  • At a fee of N750 per minute only, allowing taxpayers the flexibility of effectively managing tax advisory costs
  • Designed for taxpayers in Nigeria who require tax advisory or guidance on-the-go; or those who would prefer private sessions to the webinar sessions
  • Taxpayers can book for tax discourse (on-demand) any day (though we recommend keeping Sundays holy!), and any time of the day between 8.00am to 6.00pm
  • Chat sessions are to hold through voice or video phone calls – taxpayer to choose

Who is ‘Tax Discourse’ for?

Everyday business people who are interested in how tax will impact their businesses and business incomes;

Everyday business people and income earners who do not like tax and are looking for legitimate ways to avoid taxes;

Businesses undergoing tax audits and seeking strategies or approaches to legitimately and favorably navigate the audit;

Taxpayers who might be getting a bit confused about what taxes (or tax exemptions) that will now apply to them or their businesses, with all the changes in tax laws in 2020 and now in 2021;

Start up businesses that need to know all what they are required to do with regards to tax;

Businesses earning less than N25 million in annual gross turnover, seeking to learn the extent of tax exemptions granted to them;

Non-residents doing business in Nigeria and seeking to know how taxes may apply to their operations, business dealings and /or permanent establishments;

Non-residents seeking to know what constitutes significant economic presence or otherwise, for the purpose of the business they do in Nigeria or their digital platforms used by Nigerians;

Tax practitioners or finance professionals who need peer reviews or discourse on tax issues;

Employees seeking to know exactly what taxes their employers are allowed to deduct from their pay and how employers are meant to account for such deductions for the their benefits;

Accounting or ERP systems experts or the businesses implementing accounting or ERP systems, who would you like to get professional guidance on how to set up taxes on their accounting or ERP software/ systems;

Businesses, accountants and auditors needing help with tax accounting and disclosures for their financial statements;

And every other tax stakeholder who needs someone to speak to about anything Nigerian taxes!

Learn more about ‘Tax Discourse’ and book for any of the sessions on

We look forward to you joining us on this debut webinar, and on an on-going basis!

For any enquiries or assistance, please send an email to