Here are the Different Ways Tax Discourse can Help You as a Taxpayer in Nigeria

‘Tax Discourse’, with Vi-M Professional Solutions is a platform through which we make personalised and professional tax advisory accessible and very affordable to every Nigerian taxpayer; an initiative, which will enable us support the everyday Nigerian taxpayer with strategic insights and knowledge (on an one-going basis) on how to better navigate any tax challenge.

The video clip below presents the different perspectives to how Tax Discourse can help taxpayers in Nigeria with on-the-go, easy, accessible, professional and expert tax advisory/ guidance through their tax concerns:

‘Tax Discourse’, with Vi-M Professional Solutions is offered in 2 ways :

‘Tax Discourse Webinars’ and ‘Tax Discourse (On-Demand)’.

The Debut session of Tax Discourse Webinars will hold on Wednesday, 17 February. 2021, from 8.00am to 12.00 noon.

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About Tax Discourse Webinars:

  • Four to six hours tax advisory webinar session (to be held periodically);
  • Where participants with tax issues, concerns or enquiries can unburden themselves (anonymously) and get personalised advice/guidance from our expert tax advisors;
  • Participants will also build tax knowledge from solutions proffered to others;
  • Followed by free 10-minute, one-on-one clinic sessions per participant requiring further clarifications;
  • All at an affordable fee of N5,000 per participant, per session.
  • People spend N5,000 on a bottle of wine, or even for a single lunch. Let’s talk through your tax troubles and help you save considerable tax costs for this same amount!

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