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Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Our mantra is ‘delivering innovation tailored to clients’ needs’. We are committed to, and passionate about our clients and our work, so we challenge status quo and push boundaries to ensure we exceed expectations.

Experienced Consultants

Experienced Consultants

Our team comprises of professionals from diverse fields of experience, across various multinational firms and organisations. We leverage our combined experiences, knowledge, networks and capabilities in delivering exceptional solutions.

Quality Resourcing

Quality Resourcing

We resource our clients' engagements with the right mix of professionals who would exceed our clients’ expectations. We are a nimble firm, so we are flexible, proactive, responsive and fast in our approach, which ensures quality and timely deliverables.

Our Services


We deliver innovation to every client's need

At Vi-M Professional Solutions, our mantra is ‘delivering innovation tailored to clients’ needs’. There is zero tolerance to ‘it cannot be done’ since we believe in innovative approaches that would enable solutions to all our clients’ peculiar needs.


We solve business problems, take a consultative approach to every client engagement, and find actionable solutions that will help your organization achieve the best business outcomes.


We know the importance of delivering the best customer experience, best value for money, best cost saving services and ultimately, enable your organisation to achieve its growth objectives.

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Start Improving Your Business Today With Our Monthly/ Annual Tax and Accounting Cover Plans

Choose the Right Plan For Your Business. Every Plan Will Give You Real Value for Your Money

Nigeria thrives with over 41.5 million small and medium sized businesses, so, Vi-M’s service offering would be incomplete without a properly crafted master plan for supporting the growth of small and medium sized businesses.


The Finance Act, 2019 also makes it expedient for small businesses to keep proper accounting records to ensure, amongst other things, that they qualify for tax exemptions as specified in the Act, and comply to tax filing obligations where applicable.


Who says a small or medium sized business in Nigeria cannot have a properly structured tax/ finance functions with virtual accountants or outsourced accounting/ tax functions at the best value?


We offer a range of finance function services according to different service needs of small and medium sized businesses. Make your pick and let us handle things from here. 

Info!We also offer important startup services at very affordable prices - Business Name Registration - N30,000 (includes documents delivery to the client); Business Incorporation/ Company Registration - N70,000 (includes documents delivery to the client); Business Plan - Starting from N50,000; Affordable Cloud Based Accounting software for Small Businesses. Click the button below to request for any of these service(s).


Why Clients Choose Us

Firm of many firsts

First to serve as consultants on tax educational series to the FIRS, first to develop a compilation of tax laws in a mobile app- Tax Law Book; first to develop a tax assist web application; and a lot more other firsts… Our firsts speak to us being problem solvers, thought leaders, futuristic and innovative.

Seasoned Advisors

Our founders, partners and staff boast of a very rare wealth, mix and depth of knowledge and expertise which we apply skilfully to addressing every client’s need.

Innovative and fast

Many service providers struggle with effectiveness, cost savings and speed on the job, due to lack of innovation. Our DNA is innovative and we skilfully use this DNA to navigate the client out of every problem.

Best value for money

Ever had to pay so much for service and did not think you got any value? We work to give you best value and operational cost savings at Vi-M.


Case Studies of Some of Our Work With Our Clients

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Accounting Services, Tax Advisory, Tax Remedy, Tax Services

Remedying Tax Defaults and Backlog

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Tax Advisory, Tax Disputes, Tax Services

Neutralising the Fear of Tax Audits

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Accounting Services, Business Process Improvement, Business Software Solutions, Financial Planning, Financing Management

Improving the Finance and Tax Functions

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Professional Solutions

Redefining Professional Services

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Accounting Services, Business Services, Financial Planning

The Virtual CFO

Looking For a Job?

We are looking for some exceptional people to join us as we build Vi-M Professional Solutions into a world-class firm.

If you are looking for an opportunity to challenge yourself in a fast-paced startup environment and drive real impact on the continent, you are in the right place – show us what you’ve got!
Benefits of joining the Vi-M team include:

✅ Real responsibility and decision-making power from day one;
✅ Ability to act as manager on jobs;
✅ Ability to liaise with clients, build confidence, technical expertise and relationships while at it;
✅ Ability to learn, build and use technology tools to solve diverse client problems;
✅ Ability to build rapport, diplomacy, influence and relationship with regulators and tax authorities;
✅ Acquire, hone and apply both technical and soft skills;
✅ Managers who dedicate time and effort to shaping you into a real 21st century consultant;
✅ Responsibilities aligned to your passion and areas of interest;
✅ Ability to track your impact on thousands of lives through our innovative outreach, corporate social responsibilities, tech solutions, data and customer feedback;
✅ Working with a multi-cultural, fun team that is constantly aspiring to bring the best value to talents, businesses and the society at large.