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Taxation of Non-Residents in Nigeria


A Tax Technical / Advisory Handbook for Current and Prospective Non-Resident Taxpayers in Nigeria.


Are you a non-resident (individual or company) doing business in Nigeria or or expatriate employee working in Nigeria? Are you seeking for tax advisory on your current or proposed business transactions/ dealings in Nigeria?

This e-book is an easy, handy and comprehensive tax advisory on how Nigerian taxes apply to non-residents.

In this e-book, you will learn:

  1. What constitutes taxable presence for non-resident companies and individuals (including expatriate employees) in Nigeria
  2. How taxable presence is triggered for non-residents companies and individuals (including expatriate employees)- with regards to all the applicable taxes
  3. The Nigerian taxes that affect non-residents and how
  4. Detailed overview of the different taxes to which non-residents are assessed
  5. What constitutes ‘Significant Economic Presence’ for non-resident companies operating majorly in the digital space, or carrying on trade or business comprising in provision of consultancy, management, professional and technical services in Nigeria.


You will find this ebook very useful:

  • If you live in Nigeria and your business entails dealing with non-Nigerian residents or Nigerians in diaspora – so you can answer their questions regarding Nigerian taxes that may or may not apply on the business transactions.
  • If you are a non-resident individual or company with business interests or income yielding assets here in Nigeria – so you can know what business activities may trigger taxes for you in Nigeria and how.
  • If you are a Nigerian in diaspora, with business interests or income yielding assets here in Nigeria – so you can know what taxes may apply, when and how.
  • If you are an expatriate working or doing business in Nigeria – this ebook tells you when and how you will be taxable.
  • If you are working with expatriates or non-residents – this ebook tells you when and how expatriate employees are taxable.

This e-book is a go-to handbook for current and prospective non-resident taxpayers in Nigeria. It is an affordable and quick guide that saves non-residents the hassle and huge costs of obtaining tax advisory on their current and potential business transactions in Nigeria.

Enjoy it.


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