Going Digital? Announcing Our Digital Partnerships

Over the course of last year, we have had the opportunity to offer accounting and ERP software consultation/ recommendation service to a number of clients. We learnt a lot in the process about the functionalities of several accounting and ERP software solutions available in the market. We have narrowed things down to the most effective, flexible and affordable ones (which are also cloud based) and in line with our mission statement of using innovation and technology to solve business problems, we are happy to announce our digital partnerships as follows:

  1. Oracle Netsuite: Netsuite presents a suite of accounting / ERP, CRM and ecommerce solutions for automating end to end business processes in all industry sectors. It is a high end and much sophisticated cloud-based software made for use by multinationals, large conglomerates, enterprise businesses, and certain mid-sized businesses as well. We have partnered with the Oracle Netsuite team to bring enterprise solutions to mid-sized and large businesses in Nigeria as may be required.
  2. Xero Accounting: Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that solves virtually all accounting problems for small and mid-sized businesses (and large businesses doing less than 2,000 transactions in a month) in diverse industries, mostly on its own and in conjunction with third party add-on apps. Xero accounting software caters to unlimited users, has optimum internal controls to ensure the integrity of the finance function, produces financial reports that are compliant with the International Financial Reporting Standards including notes to the financial statements, tracks fixed assets and runs depreciation automatically, does bank reconciliation optimally, caters to multiple businesses/ stores/ projects, processes timesheets, staff expenses, has its mobile app versions for ease of business on the go, tracks inventory levels optimally (up to 4,000 items of inventory), checks account payable to prevent fraud, etc. We have partnered with Xero and many of its third-party app providers, to bring digital accounting solutions to small and medium sized businesses.
  3. Katana Manufacturing: Katana is a cloud-based manufacturing software that easily integrates with Xero to manage: sales orders; bill-of-materials; raw material inventory; production; finished products inventory and all other accounting functionalities performed by Xero.
  4. Vend Inventory, Retail, POS and CIN7 POS, Wholesale and Retail: Vend is a very easy-to-learn, easy-to-use but powerful cloud based point-of-sale, real-time inventory management, reporting and customer engagement software. It can be used on iPad, Mac or Pc and also works seamlessly with any exiting or new POS hardware. It can be used for both in-store or online sales and is suitable for all sizes of business. CIN7 is a cloud-based inventory management solution that combines real-time inventory management with automated procurement, production, ordering and fulfilment processes. It is very suitable for point of sale/ retail, wholesale, distribution and e-commerce businesses. Vend or CIN7 also integrate easily with Xero to bring end to end trading process automation and accounting together.
  5. Xero Accounting works with other third-party apps to bring full accounting solutions to Farming, Hospitality, Healthcare, Construction, Transportation and Logistics businesses. 
  6. Wave Accounting App: Wave is a free accounting software for start-ups, micro and small businesses. It has all the basic accounting functionalities businesses at this stage require to thrive until they are buoyant enough to afford higher end accounting software and accountants. For a token fee, we help businesses requiring Wave, to set it up and learn how to use it by themselves for simplified accounting.
  7. Tax Law Book App on android and IOS stores remain our proprietary tax software solution. It is now rebranded and updated to include all the provisions of the Finance Act, 2019, and other insightful literatures to assist businesses, employees, finance professionals, students and tax stakeholders generally.
  8. Vi-M Talent Assist (www.vi-mtalentassist.com), our proprietary HR web application also caters to jobs, recruitment, talent services and other lifestyle needs of talents in work and business. We also offer HR and Payroll related services as required by clients on and off the platform.
  9. PaySpace: A true cloud payroll, human resource and employee self service solution, suitable for all sizes of business.
  10. Fundanenterprise.org is a crowd funding website managed by our affiliated Foundation – MSME Crowd Funding Foundation. It has the potential of helping people crowdfund business related projects. 
  11. GoDaddy and Shopify – Having been working with apps and technology for some time now, we have also partnered with GoDaddy and Shopify to help businesses setup their business websites (simple 5-page business websites) and ecommerce stores at a fee of N55,000 only (exclusive of hosting and custom domain fees).

 To learn more about how your business can benefit from any of these software solutions, please send us an email on clients@vi-m.com.