Introducing our Ebooks on Various Practical Tax Topics

We are happy to introduce to you, our ebooks on various practical tax topics/ issues.

The topics are handpicked based on everyday tax issues encountered by Nigerian taxpayers, carefully and comprehensively written (captures all amendments to the tax law to date, i.e up to the Finance Act 2020, which became effective from 1 January 2021), in an easy, everyday language to aid understanding by the everyday Nigerian taxpayer. This is our own little way of making this complicated tax subject simple!

We do hope that they become the much needed reliable and formidable tax guides for the everyday Nigerian taxpayer.

You can get them all on

The topics currently available on our ebook store include:

1. Taxation of Non-Residents in Nigeria:

An ebook for: 

  • Nigerians whose businesses entail dealing with non-Nigerians or Nigerians in diaspora. 
  • Non-Nigerians or Nigerians in diaspora with business interests or income yielding assets here in Nigeria. 
  • Expatriates in Nigeria

This ebook saves non-resident taxpayers the usual huge cost of tax advisory in Nigeria. It also covers all the changes to the tax laws relating to non-resident taxation in Nigeria to date, including the meaning/ practical tax implication of ‘Significant Economic Presence’ for affected non-resident companies.

2. Value Added Tax Explained:

An ebook that offers:

Comprehensive, practical information/ guide on Nigerian VAT- how it works, how to comply, how to compute, what is taxable, what is not taxable, practical controversies and how to navigate them, etc.

3. How Companies’ Incomes are Taxed in Nigeria:

An ebook for:

Those who own / run companies (incorporated companies) of all sizes, to learn the step-by-step process of how companies’ incomes are assessed/ computed and filed – with other practical companies’ income tax issues clarified. 

4. How to Get Tax Clearance Certificates (TCC) in Nigeria:

An ebook:

Which offers easy, step-by-step guide on how one can legitimately get Tax Clearance Certificate in Nigeria – both from the FIRS (for incorporated companies) and from any State Internal Revenue Service (for individuals, employees, self-employed persons and directors).

5. Understanding Personal Income Tax in Nigeria:

An ebook for:

Employers, employees and the self-employed – easy, straight-to-the-point practical insights/ guide on how to compute, remit and generally comply to PAYE tax and PIT (Direct Assessment) tax for all individual taxpayers – covers all the provisions of the Finance Act 2019 and Finance Act 2020.

6. Taxation of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria:

An ebook for:

Start-ups, micro, small and medium businesses in Nigeria –  a comprehensive, handy, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand tax guide to help Nigerian MSMEs understand how they are taxed, which taxes apply to them, which tax exemptions they should enjoy and scope of such exemptions, how and when taxes apply – captures all changes to the tax laws up to the Finance Act 2020.

7. Understanding Payroll Management in Nigeria:

An ebook for:

Employers in Nigeria – offers practical insights, methods, tips and recommendations for monthly payroll processes.

8. Understanding How Withholding Tax (WHT) Works in Nigeria:

An ebook for:

Taxpayers who may want to understand fully what withholding means and how it works in Nigeria, particularly in practice, and with the changes in tax laws.

Each of these ebooks costs NGN 5,000 only, with the exception of ‘Understanding Personal Income Tax in Nigeria’ which costs NGN7,500 only. 

As earlier indicated, these ebooks can be purchased and downloaded from The detailed tables of contents for all of the ebooks are also displayed on the respective product pages, for buyer review/ assessment before purchase.

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