Affordable, Value for Money, Virtual CFO Service

Project Name: Virtual Finance Function Services
Client: Various Companies
Project Commencement Date: January 2016
Project Completion Date: On-going
Project url: Project URL

We work with our clients’ on monthly and annual bases to ensure that all the accounting and tax functions are done timely and effectively.


The challenge, our vision and mission for our tax and accounting services cover packages includes the following:

  1. Achieving best and timely practices for our clients’ finance, accounting and tax processes;
  2. Safeguarding our clients’ business assets: revenues, inventory, fixed assets;
  3. Enabling our clients rest easy knowing that their financials are complete and credible;
  4. Enabling our clients make better informed business decisions;
  5. Ensuring that there is no more fear of tax audits and helping stop accruing tax penalties
  6. Helping our clients price goods and services right;
  7. Most importantly, supporting our clients to launch out and grow the business better!


Our execution strategies have always been:

  1. Understanding the business; its operational and transactional models, and how these would impact our clients’ accounting and financial reporting
  2. Streamlining and organising the accounting processes to achieve best practices
  3. Understanding and making effective use of any existing accounting or ERP software or our recommended web based accounting software
  4. Effectively handling the monthly runs – bank/ cash reconciliations, stock reconciliations, account receivables and payables/ accrual reconciliations, payroll, taxes, etc.
  5. Accounting for taxes, fixed assets and inventory
  6. Accounting for customer and supplier processes/ transactions
  7. Accounting for cash and bank transactions
  8. Budgeting, cash flow management and cashflow forecast
  9. Financial reporting
  10. Ensuring compliance with all accounting standards
  11. Advising of accounting policy choices as they affect the business, based on new and existing standards
  12. Interpreting the financial statements, trends, indications and warning signs.


I got drawn to Vi-M because of the many innovative solutions they keep launching, which is uniquely way ahead than what all other professional services firm in Nigeria can boast of. And for a start-up firm, this is most impressive and admirable.

I run four medium sized companies and Vi-M has been responsible for the finance, accounting and tax processes for over 3 years now.

What I can testify to is that Vi-M is always on point and on time. Our businesses are cash intensive, but Vi-M team have helped us streamline our customer, revenue and cash processes. We never have dormant cash, neither do we have inadequate cash flow. They ensure we invest in the most tax effective, yet profitable instruments/ ventures. They also advise us on the tax implications of all our business transactions before we undertake them, and we can testify that we have not had any issues with the tax man in 3 years!

Vi-M is definitely a new generation, multi-talented, effective, top-notch-service and value-for-money creating professional services firm.

CEO/ Founder
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