Vi-M Continues its Online Training Course: Payroll Management Training

The 5th session in Vi-M Professional Solution’s line up of online Training Courses scheduled for the rest of this year, is on ‘Payroll Management’.

Join us as we take you through:
1.    A Comprehensive understanding of payroll management systems
2.    Budgeting for payroll expenses and controlling employee costs
3.    Preparation of monthly payroll, taxes and social security compliance obligations
4.    Designing periodic payroll management reports for analysis and review
5.    Accounting for Payroll costs

All for a fee of N50,000 only per participant.

You can register for any of the ‘Payroll Management’ training sessions taking place on 7th August 2020, 11th September 2020, 9th of October 2020 and 13th November 2020 (9AM (WAT) daily) via Zoom.

Register at