Thank You, for Being Part of Our 2020

A year of pandemic;

A year of fears;

A year of many deaths;

A year of lock-downs;

A year of webinars;

A year of business failures;

A year of business opportunities;

A year of many set backs;

A year of #EndSARS;

A year of grace;

A year of new dawns.

Here at Vi-M, not all we set out to do were achieved, but we are very grateful for all the ones we could achieve:

1. Partnership with over 9 accounting, ERP and payroll software companies for end to end financial process automation and accounting system setup for businesses of all types and sizes. Several businesses assisted to set up their accounting, ERP and Payroll systems.

2. Revamping and republishing of our Tax Law Book App on Google and IOS stores with all the tax laws as amended to date (including the Finance Act), and many more resources.

3. Our ‘Going Digital Nigeria’ 7-part webinar series which brought together leaders of industries and thought leaders in a first-of-its-kind, remarkable business process automation insight series that impacted many businesses in different industries.

4. Our webinar on ‘Stamp Duty as it Impacts Nigeria’s Real Estate Sector’ – well attended by Nigerian landlords, property owners, agents, tenants, real estate business men and women, real estate investors, speculators, consultants, developers, lawyers, workers, insurers, bankers etc.  

5. Our online training courses that ran every other day for four months, between August 2020 to November 2020.

6. Several small companies assisted, to file CIT tax returns and claim tax exemptions in line with the Finance Act 2019.

7. Several businesses assisted, to put together adequate documentations for loan applications.

8. Partnership with ACCION Microfinance Bank to mentor their MSMEs on how to sustain business operations and thrive during and post the pandemic.  

9. Launch of our Easy-Work initiative on – a commission based flexible work arrangement to cushion the adverse effects of the pandemic on jobs.

10. Job placements, training, youth empowerment and entrepreneur story showcase on

11. Engagement by the Federal Government on an important tax related assignment.

12. Engagement by a multinational telecommunications company as a supplier of audit and assurance services.

13. Partnership with a notable trade/ business association in Nigeria to automate their members’ business processes/ setup their accounting systems.

14. Launch of ‘Together We Thrive’ webinar series, helping numerous businesses on various training topics, at the MSME Crowd Funding Foundation (

15. Mentorship on fundraising, finance and business process improvement for many businesses, all year round, at the MSME Crowd Funding Foundation.

For the opportunities, strength, insights, innovation, remarkable teamwork and partnerships that work, which enabled us accomplish all of these, we are extremely grateful to God.

Thank you for being part of our success story, from inception of our firm till now, even through the unprecedented chaos of 2020.

We wish you a happy holiday this end of year, and a hope filled 2021.