Going Digital Nigeria 3: Webinar for Nigerian Retailers

We have successfully pulled off two very insightful sessions in our ‘Going Digital Nigeria‘ webinar series on how to automate / digitise practically all business processes in different industry sectors, to assist Nigerian businesses achieve effectiveness and growth during and post Covid19.

Our third webinar in the series will hold on Wednesday, 17 June 2020, at 12.00pm (WAT)  on the theme, “GOING DIGITAL, RETAIL.

If you are a retailer in Nigeria or interested in the retail business, this webinar is for you. How are you navigating the impact of Covid-19 on your retail business and making sure you come out bigger and stronger?

We will be discussing tips for running a successful retail business and how to digitalize retail business processes and point of sale payments for effectiveness and growth during and post Covid-19.

As always, our giant panelists will include:

1.    Adedeji Faniyan, Head, Corporate Transformation at HealthPlus Limited, one of Nigeria’s largest retail chain stores. 

Deji will be sharing his expert experience on how retailers are navigating the Covid-19 pandemic, business success tips for retailers and how digitization of processes can help retailers achieve effectiveness and growth during and post Covid-19 – with a case study of HealthPlus Limited.
2.    Peter Magner, Sales and Marketing Director at Iridium Business Solutions, an accounting and business process automation firm in South Africa.

Peter will be sharing his expert experiences on how the retail sector is navigating the pandemic and how digitization of retail business processes can help – a case study of Vend retail software, and then other retail point of sale (POS) software suitable for the average Nigerian retailer.

3.    Inalegwu Alogwu, Group Head, Verve Digital, Interswitch Group, a leading financial technology payment processing company in Africa.

Inalegwu will share expertise on how retail point of sale payment processing works, gadgets, tools involved, how merchants can set it up, advantages of automating the retail point of sale and payment process, and what Interswitch does generally in this regard. He will also enlighten Nigerian retailers on the ‘Integrated Till Solution’, what it means, how it works in Nigeria and its advantages to retailers.

Registration for this webinar and our series can be done only at www.vi-m.com/webinars.

All questions about the webinar should be directed to Vivian Chigozie-Nmonwu and / or Magnus Nmonwu via clients@vi-m.com / www.vi-m.com.

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