Introducing ‘Better Payroll’ – by Vi-M

Better Payroll and HR Solution; for better workforce management; for better business.

We are pleased to introduce to you, ‘Better Payroll’, (in conjunction with our partner – a foreign payroll and HR software company), to offer to your business the technology it requires for:

  • Automation, efficiency and ease of payroll and HR processes
  • Ease and accuracy of compliance with applicable legislations
  • Payroll risks mitigation
  • Security of data and information; and
  • The value of standard, but flexible and intuitive payroll and HR solution

Has your business been struggling with a payroll/ HR solution that is not quite ‘fit’ nor adaptable to your unique business needs?
Here are some reasons why your business should choose 
‘Better Payroll’ by Vi-M:

1. Flexible and intuitive payroll: Customisable to any organization’s unique pay structure and own defined dynamic fields. Easy to use and navigate by all personnel. Computations and pay slips setup in line with the business’ unique payroll/ HR practices also automatically roll over to subsequent pay cycles and are easily adjustable in bulk or in single entries as required. 

2. True cloud solution: A true 100% cloud solution, no local IT infrastructure required except for an internet enabled device for access to the solution, anywhere, any-time.

3. Security of information and data: Privacy of data and information according to international privacy rules; ISO 27001 Certified & GDPR Compliant; data encryption; automatic back-up process; disaster recovery and manager-controlled user access/ roles.

4. Compliance with applicable legislations: Automatic legislative and feature updates in line with changes in applicable laws and practice.

5. Global reach: Multi-country, multi-currency, and multi-language, full legislative delivery in 40+ countries, and basic delivery in 26 countries (less than 5 days deployment in any other country of the world as required).

6. Comprehensive payroll and HR solution: A standard, comprehensive and intuitive system that envisages and caters to all the HR and payroll needs of any business, providing a learning platform and an international HR and payroll standard for your managers and employees to follow effortlessly.

7. Employee and manager self-service on any device: Increase employee satisfaction through self-service access to HR administrative processes (leave application, record updates, expense claims); increase efficiency; ensure accuracy and save valuable working time.  

8. Scalable: Simply add or remove features and modules as you need, suitable for all business types and sizes.

9. Comprehensive reporting: Connect with ERP or accounting systems and transfer data, spool system/ custom reports in desired custom formats, access general ledger and bank files, generate reports in your preferred document format.

10. Digitized employee files: Host all employee related records – biodata, tax details, asset(s) allocated, training needs/ trainings attended, employee notes and reminders, leave, promotions, benefits, disciplinary actions, etc. for better knowledge of workforce, supervision, and management. 

11. Multi-level workflows and approvals: Setup and link employees to designated line managers (caters also to multi-level approval structures); setup desired workflows and approval levels for necessary controls and better business.

12. Expatriate management & international compliance: Caters to expatriate international mobility and compliance with international legislative requirements (*comes as a separate module).

13. Performance management: Setup key performance indicators, carry out periodic appraisals, facilitate on-boarding and exit (*comes as a separate module).

14. Other features and modules include: Workforce planning module; Recruitment module; Organization chart module; Business intelligence, cloud analytics and dashboards.

15. API Integration: Integrate payroll/ HR solution to your other systems and software as desired.

16. Incident management: Track and manage incidents through workflows and pre-scheduled/ custom scheduled/ broadcast notifications.

17. Flexible payment plan: Choose pay-as-you-go plan and make payment monthly, per pay slip generated, or choose to pay annually in advance, based on forecast monthly pay slips; save big on IT infrastructure.

18. Support: Available Mondays to Fridays, 8.00am to 5.00pm.

19. Friendly pricing: Better payroll is categorized into basic, premium, and master plans, according to scale of software features and functionalities (see appendix in product brochure, available on , for details). 
Better Payroll pricing is calculated on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis, on the number of monthly pay slips processed, ONLY. 
Pricing per monthly pay slip processed varies, based on the following:

  • Software package category (basic, premium, or master)
  • Employee count bracket (the higher the number of employees, the lower the software cost per monthly pay slip, on any of the software packages).

Pricing per monthly pay slip processed, scales between NGN 758 and NGN1,825, depending on the variables listed above.

Total pricing per business (depending on the variables listed above) is available on request.
Better Payroll
 caters to all business sizes and employee count brackets as follows:
1-10; 11-20; 21-50; 51-100; 101-200; 201 – 500; 501-1,000; 1,001-2,000, 2,001-3,000; 3,001-4,000; 4,001-5,000; 5,001-6,000; 6,001-7,000; 7,001-8,000; 8,001-9,000; 9,001-10,000; 10,001-12,000; 12,001-15,000; 15,001-17,500; 17,501-20,000 and 20,000+.
Pricing for weekly and bi-weekly pay slips are also available on request.

*The indicated software prices are exclusive of VAT@7.5%, software implementation and training fees, which are also calculated on request, based on the pricing variables listed above.

20: Full warranty: Where any new customer is in doubt of the efficacy of Better Payroll or of its fit for the customer’s business, we offer to implement the software on our own cost and will only bill/ recharge the customer (for software subscription & implementation) if the customer is fully satisfied with the implementation and the software fit for their business.
** In addition, we offer 90 days free post-implementation handholding to customers, to enable the team/ users acclimatise to the software use. 

21: Ease of booking: To book for, or get ‘Better Payroll’ for your business or to request for demo, please send an email to with the subject – ‘Better Payroll’. To view detailed information about ‘Better Payroll’, download product brochure on