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External audit service is probably the most common of all financial services – known to most business people in Nigeria, although most lay business men and women in Nigeria usually but mistakenly categorise most financial services  as ‘audit’.


Well, external audit service entails the reviews of the internal controls (as they impact the financial statements) and financial records of the business in order to express an independent opinion that they are free from material misstatement, comply with the relevant standards and give a true and fair view of the financial position of the business and of its financial performance and cash flows for the year.


External audit is a statutory requirement by the Companies and Allied Matters Act of Nigeria for every incorporated business in Nigeria. Apart from this statutory requirement, audited financial statements help the business owner, among other benefits, to:


  1. Have proper books of accounts/ financial statements, to make better business decisions and run the business better
  2. Obtain funding from borrowers or investors
  3. Satisfy all internal and external stakeholders to the business, including yourself, the owner/ founder.
  4. Feel good about your business


Please book an external audit service below as it applies to you or your business and we will take it forward from there.

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